06 Types of Tourists that every tourist lover should know

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A person who travels for pleasure is called a tourist. As a tourist, you need to travel outside of your habitual residence. Millions of people every year visit different spots for tourism. In fact, according to Statista, 409 million tourists were recorded in 2020. You get exposure as a tourist by meeting different cultural people and eating with them. You exchange your cultural beauty with each other and try to learn something unique.

06 Types of Tourists that every tourist lover should know

For some people, tourism is no less than addiction. Many types of tourists exist in the world of a supreme creator. Because every tourist is not the same as others, let’s explore some tremendous types of tourists.

06 Types of Tourists that every tourist lover should know

1. The adventurer tourists

This type of tourism is growing so well because many people like to do some adventures in their lives. This activity has endless benefits, including physical health, meeting new people, and so on. If you are an adventure tourist, you can fulfill your dream by spending less money. We consider this a budget journey because they live in cheap hotels and love to experience street music and food.

Mountain bikes, Ski jumping, mountain climbing, cycling, high jumping, and helicopter rides are included in the adventure type. This kind of traveler seeks outdoor activities and nature-related activities.

2. The explorer tourists

Another unique type of tourist is the explorer. This type can be strange for you if you don’t know it before. In a nutshell, explore tourism is where a tourist explores or discovers something new. You can take the credit if you discover something new, and it’s also an honor.

Who is at the top of the list of explorer tourists? The answer is very simple “Philippines.” They are at the top of the list due to two reasons geography and the second one is the fiscal focus. According to reports, 7107 islands has discovered by them. Explorer tourists discover some famous discoveries, including scuba diving and river trekking.

3. Passionate tourists

This type of traveler does many things, which their passions include. It could be food, concerts, cycling, and even dancing. Mostly they move in the form of groups. They can do something without knowing if they have a passion for it. They do traveling just because of their passion. Passionate tourists are versatile and do what their passions say.

This type of traveler makes excellent preparations, so you may know their intentions before they get there. However, you can still recommend additional activities based on their interests. Therefore, keeping up with local interests and events close to your destination is wise.

4. Educational Tourism

Many people think educational tourism is a new concept introduced a few years back. Well, this concept started back in the 17th century. In the beginning, only British youth followed this. Later on, other European counties followed educational tourism.

This type tells us education also becomes a part of tourism. In this tourism, people visit different institutes and attend workshops, lectures, and seminars to update their skills and knowledge. If a doctor visits another state or province to attend a workshop related to his field, this is an example of educational tourism. Educational tourism allows you to shine the name of your state and country. It also helps you to collaborate with international educational tourists so, move to other types of tourists.

5. Social activator kind

This type of tourism is comprised of people who have no family responsibilities. They are always ready for fun and excitement. That’s they keep extra cash in their pockets wherever they go. They love to meet with new people and share their thought with them.

They don’t live in expensive hotels. They prefer pubs and cafes over hotels. Social activators are always ready for the next busy day in the morning. They are always super energetic and ready for the next trip.

You can identify them because they always travel with a bunch of loud speak people. They keep their eyes on upcoming events, festivals, and parties because they can meet new people and enjoy themselves.

6. Cultural tourism

Cultural tourism is a unique and immersive activity. In this type, travelers are very curious about local heritage, culture, and art. They research deeply and try to seek the real hero who is behind this art and heritage. Cultural tourism is becoming more popular daily because it is an amazing experience. According to reports, cultural tourism will play an important role in the regional development of the world.

If you want to memorize your tourism experience, then culture tourism can be your best option. Festivals, culinary activities, and architecture are also part of cultural tourism.

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What are the 2 types of tourists?

2 Types of Tourism: International and Domestic Tourism.

What is the most common type of tourist?

Recreational Tourism

Perhaps the most common type of tourism is what most people associate with traveling. This is when people go to a place that is very different from their regular day-to-day life to relax and have fun.

What are the seven types of tourists?

Another typology was created by Smith (1989), who proposes that there are seven types of tourists: charter tourists, mass tourists, incipient mass tourists, unusual tourists, off- beat tourists, elite tourists, and explorers.

What are the types of cultural tourists?

In particular, McKercher identifies five types of cultural visitors: Purposeful, Incidental, Serendipitous, Casual, and Sightseeing.

What are the four 4 basic components of tourism?

The tourism components 4As (Accommodation, Access, Amenities and Attractions) are the ones that tourism managers should consider in the development of the destination and ensure that all components are best suited with the quality and requirements of visitors (Haneef, 2017).


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