Why can you no longer swim at Krka National Park?

Swimming at Krka National Park

Now, swimming near the famous waterfalls is prohibited, due to ecological concerns. However, there are other areas of the park where you can still swim – Stinice, Remetić – Pisak, and downstream of the Roška slap.

Can you go to Krka National Park on your own?

Unless you are planning to visit Krka National Park on a guided tour, plan to arrive as early in the day as you can (opening time is ideal!), and visit Skradinski buk first, to enjoy the beauty of the majestic falls either on your own (a surreal experience!), or with very few other visitors.

Is Krka National Park free to enter?

In 2022, the admission ticket costs 250 kuna. This includes a visit to the park, bus transportation from the Lozovac entrance to Skradinski Buk back and forth, boat transportation back and forth to the Skradinski Buk waterfall from the Skradinski entrance.

Can you walk around Krka National Park?

While Krka National Park is open year round, it is best to visit during the warmer months of the year. Even though swimming is no longer allowed, you will still find it more pleasant to walk around and enjoy the waterfalls during more comfortable weather months.

Can you still swim at Krka waterfalls?

It’s actually Europe’s largest travertine waterfall (a type of limestone) and consists of a chain of cascades, islands, and lakes. The pools and nearby river at the base of Skradinski Buk make for perfect place to swim, and swimming has always been allowed there, since Krka became a national park in 1985, and before.

Which is better Krka or Plitvice?

While both allow you to see the beautiful lakes and waterfalls up close, the paths at Plitvice are much lower to the ground, so they offer better waterside views than the ones at Krka and have an even more special kind of vibe. What is this? WINNER: Plitvice… it really is a breathtaking place!

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